Climacteric woman #4 | Robbi Carvalho

Robbi Carvalho


'Climacteric woman #4' by Robbi Carvalho. Acrylic & Gold Leaf on recycled plywood.

'Climacteric Woman' celebrates an unspoken chapter in a woman's life, a weight often carried quietly. It invites you to amplify your voice, resignify your dreams, and reclaim the beauty you were told was lost. The climacteric encompasses the period that includes perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. in women. In this series of paintings, the body is represented by a house.


Artwork Size: h300mm x w300mm
Medium: Acrylic & Gold Leaf
Signed: Yes

Artist Bio

Robbi Carvalho is a multidisciplinary artist who tells visual narratives through a female gaze. Her art harmonizes women and nature into a singular entity. She captures real bodies and celebrates non-Eurocentric beauties, portraying the diversity and subjectivity of being a woman.
Her background as an architect and jewellery designer has honed her vision and technique, allowing her to construct a dreamlike universe. Known for elaborate details, precise lines, and an intuitive color palette, her work reflects a unique identity. Robbi Carvalho sees her art as a tool for mental health care, with a specific focus on empowering women and enhancing their sense of belonging and self-worth.
Originally from Brazil, she has lived in Portugal and Angola, choosing Aotearoa as her home. In her studio in Pukekohe, she dedicates herself as a full-time artist.


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