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'Coiled Vase' by Nicci Neilson is a beautiful handmade stoneware vessel using the coiling method and wax resist to create her organic patterns.

Coiling is a method of creating ceramic wares that has been used to shape clay for thousands of years and found accross many cultures around the world. Coiling involves the rolling out of clay into thin sausage like forms that then is wound round like a spring. Building a vessel with coils is accomplished by placing them around the circumference and gradually increasing the height. A time consuming process with the end result a more organic finish without the lines one finds in wheelthrown works.

Dimensions: (h)160mm (d)105mm 

Artist Bio

Nicci Neilson is a galleried ceramic artist based in Picton. She produces her work from a small studio at the bottom of her garden, a haven and world away from the everyday mayhem of raising three children in the main house.

Originally from the UK, Nicci studied Fine Art (specialising in painting) at the University of Kent.
Since moving to New Zealand in 2005, Nicci has been involved in the Arts and works for the Marlborough District Council, managing their Arts, Culture and Heritage sector. 

Nicci perdomninatly works using coiling and slab techniques to create her organic pieces and uses wax resist for her glazing patterns. She dabbled with wheel throwing but grew frustrated with the rigid shapes and fast techniques required. Prefering a free hand to create in any direction, she settled on a more organic approach. Her works are never planned, with an intuitive mind she starts with a lump of clay and just sees what happens.

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