Finding Form | Santie Cronje

Santie Cronje


'Finding Form'  by Santie Cronje. A vibrant and energetic artwork on canvas set in a taupe timber shadow frame.

Each piece in this collection was created with the aid of vibrant, rhythmic tunes that guided Santie's hand. By blending a mix of soft pastels, charcoal, and acrylic paints, she navigates her intuition, creating expressions that morph into a unique visual language. 

'This style of art fascinates me as it encourages us to engage deeply with our inner selves and draw out experiences from our core. With the absence of recognizable landmarks like horizons or familiar scenes to hold onto, the process of creating becomes a fascinating challenge that begins to make sense only as the journey of painting progresses' Santie 

Frame Size: 790mm x 790mm
Medium: Schminke pastels & charcoal on canvas

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Artist Bio
Santie Cronje is an established artist, and gallerist based in the South Waikato. From her first gallery show in 2008, she became known for her distinct symbolic art and visual storytelling. After the global pandemic, Santie returned to her early artistic roots, echoing her style before moving to New Zealand from South Africa in 1999. Santie's work has grown more abstract and bold, allowing her to explore deep emotions and inner realms. This change lets her art express feelings with fresh excitement and energy. Santie's creative journey shows her flexibility and growth as an artist, making her work resonate with many. Her dedication to art and guiding others highlight her key position in the art world. Santie's creations are cherished in private collections in New Zealand and Internationally.


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