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Hilary Jowle


'Single stem' a beautiful free-standing glass artwork by Hilary Jowle. 

Materials: Stained Glass, Tinned Copper & Wire and Timber base.

Artist Bio

Hilary grew up in South Auckland, surrounded by the Manukau Harbour with its glorious sunsets and dramatic moodiness. Originally trained as a primary teacher, she has spent the last 25 years in Sheffield UK, on the edge of the stunning Peak District.

Her greatest inspirations are the changing seasons played out in the coastlines, landscapes and gardens of Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Cornwall, and now the Waikato. Having dabbled in different mediums, glass has become the consummate expression to reflect the beauty of her surroundings. 

Hilary's pieces are made using the Tiffany Technique made famous by Louis Tiffany. The glass is hand cut, and the edges ground, to provide a purchase for the copper foil which surrounds the individual pieces. They are then soldered together using a 60/40 mix of tin/lead solder and finally either left in its silver tinned state or a black or copper patina is added. This technique allows for more detailed work and intuitive building up of layers that makes Hilary Jowle Glass very unique.

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