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Aida Smith


'Each precious piece' by Aida Smith. Aida beautifully captured the fleeting summer light in this artwork. Sweet nectarines and eep green fig leaves on a cool strped cloth, truly embodying the essence of the season. 'It's Summer distilled in paint' says Aida

Framed Size: H330mm x W280mm 
Medium: Solvent free oil on linen / framed in beech
Signed: Yes - Artist's signature on the back of the artwork 

Artist Bio 
Aida Smith is a self-taught painter living in Kaitoke, a rural area in the Wellington region. Originally from the United States, Aida has been living and creating in New Zealand for the past 16 years. In recent years she has shifted her creative practice from photography to painting.

An essential part of Aida’s practice is the use of materials with minimal impact on the environment. She paints with traditional oils, without the use of solvents, on natural linen surfaces.  She does not varnish her work, preferring the softness of a natural oil finish.
As a self-proclaimed homebody, Aida’s most recent work is focussed on the home. She often paints in the early morning, capturing a gentle light on objects. These are intimate views, tablescapes composed of objects with a warmth and comfort.

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