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Blessing Stones by Tanya Doty 

One of our most popular Gift items at Deciduus & Santie, these beautifully wrapped stones by  Nelson artist Tanya Doty are a beautiful and thoughtful Gift. Perfect occasion Gifts, from weddings to funerals and even christenings. You might have a friend that has it all or that is difficult to buy for when you just want to say 'Thank you'. These natural treasures are each carefully selected by Tanya and she considers each stone to receive a unique presentation. They will no doubt be a Gift to remember and treasure.

Each Blessing Stone comes wrapped in Hessian with a little card about the stones. Stones are different sizes, but the prices are all the same. We trust you will find a stone that speaks to you without the varied price point to distract. Each wrapping is unique and no two stones will ever be exactly alike. Like with pounamu we love how each person is drawn to a certain stone and pattern when they choose it for someone or themselves.

Artist Bio

Tanya Doty is a weaver and maker from Upper Moutere with a love of the natural world and the SLOW movement. 

She works with many different fibres and types of basket making, and while Tanya likes to keep it diverse, she is firmly addicted to willow. “It’s such an old craft and it’s very cool that it still has a place in modern day life. I love the smell, and the sound it makes when I’m weaving. I love that it takes strength to construct a basket and that some of the willow I use is from my own small willow bed". Tanya grows four varieties that have traditionally been cultivated for basket making. 
Along with her baskets she makes the most fascinating and beautiful Blessing stones. 

Blessing stones are a unique way to mark special moments in your life or those close to you, including weddings, births, birthdays, or used as a tribute at a funeral, christening or confirmation. They are beautiful decor pieces and can be used as a physical reminder to count our blessings or to help us remember our connections to the earth and nature.

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