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'Large Vase' by Martin Hill is a beautiful wheelthrown vessel glazed in subtle colours to represent earth, sky and water with white snow top mountain accent. With the wider top this vase is versatile and can accommodate a large bunch of flowers.

Dimensions: H185mm
Glazed on the inside to hold water.

Artist Bio
Originally from Scotland, Martin first started working with wheel thrown clay in high school, then moved to New Zealand in 2004 to pursue a career in Visual Arts, Film, and Animation.
During lockdown, inspired by the coastlines and landscapes around Wellington, he revisited the medium, focusing on natural forms, wheel thrown and altered vessels, carving, and glaze alchemy. Martin creates his works spontaneously in sympathy with the natural inspiration of each form - each one is pleasing to the eye and touch and is designed to be used. 
As this creation process is repeated the shapes, ideas, colours and textures evolve, like nature, each pot being unique to its time.

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