Cafe au lait | Narelle Huggins

Narelle Huggins


"Cafe au lait“ Original Acrylic on canvas with natural pine shadowframe, by Narelle Huggins. 

A vibrant stylized still life with vintage found objects and flowers sourced from Narelle's garden and personal collection.

Size: h440mm x w340mm
Signed: Yes 
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
In situ photo (Jumbo magnolia by Trish Seddon)

Artist Bio

A collector of beautiful repurposed items from yesteryear along with humble opshop finds and growing flowers are all part of Narelle's passions and inspiration when she creates her joyful stilllife works.

Narelle Huggins has been calling the Waikato home since 2015. Originally from Australia, her creative life started in architecture and it still informs her background in the way buildings are depicted in two dimensions within the landscape. 

This celebration of the landscape and nature is articulated through her use of contrasting colours and texture to create a visual emotion, often expressed as joy!

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